• What is Sports Profit System?
  • Sports Profit System is the #1 handicapping service in the world!

    With a proven systematic approach and a profitable bankroll management framework, SPS helps sports bettors improve their bottom-line by providing profitable predictions. All predictions advised by our expert handicappers are backed by extensive research, experience and insight obtained through SPS’ vast network.

    The vast majority of sports bettors lose in the long term. Some do better than others and a few even enjoy brief periods of success. However, in the long run, most lose thousands of dollars because they are unaware of the many subtleties of the sports betting market. Experience and expertise make all the difference when it comes to being on the correct side of the game and that's where SPS excels. By following our exact picks combined with a proven bankroll management system, you are bound to have more success betting on sports than ever before!

    Every day our team of experts studies the scheduled games from all possible angles to identify and capitalize on the best investment opportunities that yields the best odds to profit. Clients view the daily picks by logging into our exclusive Members Area. All picks are accompanied by an in-depth analysis that explains the rationale behind them.

  • Why Sports Profit System?
  • Anyone can claim to offer good advice but how many can prove it? Most promise the world but fall well short and have no verified evidence of prior success.

    Numerous factors have contributed to making SPS the most reputable brand in the industry. The biggest advantages that set us apart from our competitors are:

    • 100% Transparent & Verified Results
    • Our Performance page displays every SPS pick released, win or lose. The table on the left shows yearly profit to date with figures updated daily. We firmly believe in posting all past results because we know that smart investors do not expect to win each and every night, but instead look at the big picture. In an industry where false promises and exaggerated claims are rampant, an honest and accurate record demonstrates SPS’ commitment to integrity and long-term excellence. Simply scroll up and down the performance page and click any green or gray entry to view that day’s picks and analyses

      All picks are tracked and verified by an independent 3rd party handicapping monitoring service and released with lines and odds that are widely available at the time of posting.

    • Expert In-Depth Analysis
    • SPS employs the industry’s leading handicappers who research, analyze and evaluate each day’s scheduled games. All posted picks are accompanied by a detailed expert write-up giving SPS members an insider’s look into the rationale behind each wager.

      Click HERE to view an example!

    • Superior Returns Over All Other Investment Types
    • SPS has consistently outperformed all other types of traditional investments available in the market each year. This includes but is not limited to stocks, bonds, mutual funds and alternative investments (i.e. commodity, Forex, real estate, derivatives). Throughout the years, SPS has delivered an average annual return of 49.28% to their investors, with our most recent year (2015) being the best year so far generating a return of 82.1%.

    • Best Handicappers in the Industry
    • A large part of SPS’ success is a reflection of the industries leading handicappers we employ. The knowledge, experience, insight and vast network of our experts creates an “edge” for SPS that has led us to become the worlds best handicap service!

    • A Proven and Profitable Bankroll Management System
    • Bankroll is a fundamental part of being a profitable sports investor. Long term sports investors understand that in the short term there is no escaping the ups and downs of this industry, which we call “variance”. However, with a proven and profitable bankroll management system, it will allow them to sustain the short term variances and at the same time ensure profitability in the long run. SPS takes the legwork out for our clients by telling them the exact percentages to wager on each game that yields the most optimal return while keeping risk to a minimum.

    • Highly Selective
    • SPS has always emphasized quality over quantity in their game selections. With hundreds of games being played each day, our experts are only interested in the ones where they see an “edge”. SPS’ ability to consistently identify and capitalize only on the games that offers the best value for their money has resulted in an average annual return of 49.28% over the years!

  • How many picks will I receive?
  • This depends entirely on how many good investment opportunities our team of experts identify that day. On average you can expect to receive 2 picks per day. However, on certain days you will receive as many as 4 picks and on others, there will only be 1. Keep in mind that our only goal is to profit and “forcing plays” is something we never do. That being said, our handicappers are highly selective and will only advise on games that yields the best odds to profit

    SPS favours a quality over quantity approach since profiting has a lot to do with being selective.

  • When are picks posted?
  • You will receive an email notification once the picks have been posted in the Members Area. In addition, a tweet will also be made to notify clients. Follow us on Twitter to keep up with all the latest updates.

    Picks will be posted a minimum of 2 hours before game time!

  • What are verified results?
  • SPS has a 100% transparent & verified results policy. This means that all SPS picks are submitted to, tracked and verified by an independent 3rd party handicapping monitor. This is a true measure of excellence in the sports betting industry where false claims and misleading advertisements are rampant. Most services do not display past performances simply because they have a poor record. Those that do, often either fabricates their results (or) data mine their results showing only past wins. Only long term profitable services such as SPS displays all past picks and are willing to be monitored by a 3rd party!

  • Do I place my bets through your website?
  • No. Our services include educating clients on safe money management and providing winning picks backed by extensive research and experience. What the client then does with that information is entirely up to them. Where and how you choose to place the bets is not related to SPS and it is the sole responsibility of each individual to comply with their local governing laws. That being said, clients are recommended to use a sportsbook that offers “reduced juice” in order to maximize profit.

  • How are your plays rated? Are they all the same size?
  • Each pick is for 2-4 units meaning only 2% to 4% of the bankroll is risked on one game.

    The vast majority of picks are standard 3% bets, but when great opportunities arise and our experts are confident more value can be extracted, they release 4% bets.

  • Which sports do you offer predictions for?
  • - NFL
    - NBA
    - College Football
    - College Basketball

  • Is this a chase/progressive system?
  • Absolutely NOT and we STRONGLY advise against ALL such systems. The fact that SPS has generated positive returns year after year is a testament to the disciplined approach employed in their bets. In particular, “chasing” is definitely not part of the bankroll management framework engineered by SPS. Keep in mind that SPS places money alongside each game we advise and for much greater amounts than the average client. Thus, SPS has the fiduciary duty to ensure long term profit for both our clients and SPS. Chase/progressive systems are ultimately unsustainable in the long run despite any short-term gains.

  • Do you bet the picks you advise?
  • Yes, SPS bets every single pick released to clients.

    SPS bets big money on each game not just because we are confident in our predictions, but also because it gives our clients comfort knowing SPS naturally has a vested interest to win and that our goals are 100% aligned. Our skin in each game is a strong motivator that pushes SPS to stay on top of their research and to provide winning picks! That's why when we go through one of our typical winning streaks we're just as ecstatic as our clients. Likewise, when we go through a rare rough patch, we suffer along with our clients and are the first ones determined to turn it around!

  • Do you fade the public?
  • Generally, the average sports bettor is on the wrong side of spreads because they are betting on big favorites or very popular teams. SPS always strives to be one step ahead of the game and specializes in pinpointing where the value lies on any given night. It doesn’t matter whether a team is running hot or cold; the true indicator of excellence is knowing that ANY team might have an edge on any given night and having the skill to capitalize on that investment opportunity.

    In any case, we do generally fade the public with our picks. However, keep in mind that sometimes the public side IS the right play and when that's the case, we're not afraid to temporarily side with “Joe Public”.

  • How does SPS compare to investing in stocks/bonds?
  • SPS clients profited 82.1% in 2015 and generated an average annual return of 49.28% since inception! On most months, we've not only outperformed the S&P 500 index and every mutual fund, but have generated for our client’s more superior returns than they could have made off any other types of investment!

    There’s a higher risk betting on sports than investing in bonds or T-bills, but when done correctly under a proven and disciplined bankroll system, it is safe and the rewards are much greater! Not to mention, it's infinitely more fun to wager on and profit from sports than stocks.

  • I've just signed up but am unable to log in to the Members Area. Why is that?
  • Generally, it takes a few hours for your account to be set up in the system. Once your account is ready, you will receive an email with your unique login credentials. Please check your SPAM/JUNK folder first before contacting SPS. If you still can’t locate the email, please notify us at support@SportsProfitSytem.com or call us Toll-Free at 1-866-491-0259 and someone will promptly assist you.

  • I have just signed up and received SPS’ instructions on the Bankroll Management System. Do I have to follow them exactly or can I bet whatever I like?
  • SPS’ Bankroll Management System has been statistically proven to be profitable and keeps risk at a minimum level. It is our disciplined approach that has consistently generated positive returns for our clients each year!

    While it is ultimately your decision as to what you do with your money, you are taking great risks by not following our exact Bankroll Management System. At that point, your success depends on you rather than on us. In order to achieve optimal results using SPS picks, you MUST read and apply the simple bankroll instructions in the initial welcome email.

  • I have lost money over the past week. Should I start betting bigger?
  • Absolutely NOT! “Chasing” is the #1 pitfall among gamblers. Long term investors understand that ups and downs are part the game, nobody wins 52 weeks out of a year.

    SPS’ Bankroll Management System is specifically engineered to weather the short term variances and consistently generate positive returns over the long run. Therefore, you should resist the temptation of deviating from our specified percentages regardless of whether you're on a winning or losing streak. Pick a bankroll you're comfortable with and then stay consistent with your unit size. By staying disciplined and consistent, SPS clients have always come out on top at the end of the year, while others lose their investment in as little as a few days by chasing their losses.

  • I'm a current SPS member but can't log in today. Why is that?
  • If you had no problems logging in previously but are suddenly unable to do so today, it’s most likely because your membership has expired or your payment did not go through. You can renew/upgrade your membership by Clicking Here. Upon confirmation of payment your account will be unlocked and your username and password will work again.

    For monthly members only, you DO NOT need to renew your subscription at the end of your 30 day cycle. You will be billed automatically every month unless you cancel beforehand. Should there be an issue with your payment, you will receive an email notification from Clickbank and a suspension notice from Sports Profit System asking you to edit your billing information.

  • What is a bankroll?
  • Your bankroll is the TOTAL amount of money you're putting aside for sports betting. The SPS Bankroll System is the safest and most solid framework available to sports bettors worldwide and was designed for long-term success.* It is crucial to understand the concept of money management and to only risk the specified percentages rather than random sums on individual games. Put aside an amount you're comfortable with for the entire year and you'll NEVER have to add to it again as no more deposits will be needed. You will gradually increase your bankroll and enjoy wagering on sports throughout the year.

    * All members receive complete instructions to the SPS Bankroll System via email upon joining.

  • I’ve downloaded the free SPS App but am unable to log in. Why is that?
  • Only members with an active SPS membership can log in to the phone app. Please note that 1 Day Access holders are unable to view the picks through the phone app and will have to log in to Members Area through an internet browser.

    For all other members, please use the email address you signed up with as your access ID and “sps” as the password when accessing the phone app. Please note that the phone app and the Members Area section accessed through an internet browser uses the same username/email but different passwords.

    Should you have further issues after following the above steps, please email us at support@SportsProfitSytem.com and one of our representatives will promptly assist you.

  • I'm interested in signing up. Can I order over the phone?
  • It's against company policy to take payment information over the phone. All transactions are processed online through ClickBank* (retailer for SPS services). On the Home Page enter your full name and email address** in the pink box (right hand side of page), it will then redirect you to the order page. Now, determine the membership that best suits you and click Get It Now. Please fill in all requested payment information on the following page to complete the purchase.

    * You do NOT need a ClickBank or Paypal account to become a member.

    ** The email address you enter into our website will be your username and your unique password will be sent to this email address. Please make sure it is a valid email address you have access to and is functional.

    Should you have further issues after following the above steps, please email us at support@SportsProfitSytem.com and one of our representatives will promptly assist you.

  • Do I need to provide a telephone number when signing up?
  • Unlike other services, SPS does NOT ask for your telephone number and has no record of it. As such, rest assured you will never receive unwanted telephone calls from SPS or have your number given out to other businesses. We take our customers’ privacy very seriously.

  • Will I be automatically rebilled at the end of my subscription?
  • SPS offers both recur billing and one-time payment options. When purchasing a Monthly Access, your account will be rebilled at the end of 30 days unless you cancel your subscription before the end of the billing cycle. Please note that recur billing is ONLY applicable to monthly memberships; this way clients will not have to worry about renewing their subscription on time and missing out on winning picks!

    All other membership packages including the 1 Day Access, 6 Month Access and 12 Month Access are one-time purchases; your credit card will NOT be charged again when the subscription expires. SPS highly encourage clients to purchase longer term memberships rather than the daily or monthly subscriptions in order to take advantage of the significant price discount and inevitable long term profit they bring.

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